Implementation partnerships

Bucharest Sector 2 City Hall 

In order to achieve the materialisation of the implementation projects, YPLAN team made a partnership agreement with the Municipality of Bucharest Sector 2. The City Hall became an active partner, represented through Alina Bratu, the Chief Architect who:

  • organised 2 presentation and consultation meetings with students and volunteers, focused on their plans and ideas;
  • organised constant meetings with the project team, establishing sites of intervention and the projects details;
  • issued licenses for areas under rehabilitation;
  • last but not least, offered support for promotion and dissemination.
Bucharest Sector 2 City Hall 

  • Mayor: Toader Mugur Mihai
  • Chief Architect: Alina Bratu
  • Website

Bucharest Sector 2 Public Domain Administration

Bucharest Sector 2 Public Domain Administration was very opened to cooperation and supported YPLAN team with: implementation tips, sites preparation for intervention phase, generators, storage and several opinions on the occupancy of the public domain.

Bucharest Sector 2 Public Domain Administration 

  • Deputy Director – Dan Cioabă
  • Website

La Firul Ierbii / Grassroot Initiative 

“La firul ierbii/ Grassroot Initiative”  aims to operate as an open space, to promote direct interaction between people and administration, civil society and business, creative industries and Timpuri Noi neighbourhood. Thus, projects of public interest may be known and debated by all interested urban actors, in a neutral, well-equipped with all the necessary technical facilities to support discussions at a high professional level.

“La firul ierbii/ Grassroot Initiative”  offered their space for the organisation of workshops developing ideas, as well as workshops focused on the construction of installations and urban furniture to be places in the 4 YPLAN public spaces.

La Firul Ierbii/ Grassroot Initiative

  • Support: Space, dissemination and guidance
  • Website

Nod Makerspace

NOD Makerspace is a creative space which offers membership access to a wide range of tools and equipments for digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

NOD Makerspace team provided us the space, as well as their tools and expensive equipments necessary to construct and assemble the installations. Moreover, they offered us their support in order to realize the installations (eg. stencils templates).

Nod Makerspace 

  • Support: Space, equipments, guidance
  • Website

Associations which support the project

The associations mentioned below have helped us in realizing different project activities, thus playing an important role in supporting us in reaching the project’s objectives.

Association of Urban and Landscape Planners Graduates

  • President: Sebastian Guță
  • Support: hosting part of the YPLAN workshops
  • Website

Theoretical High Schools and National Colleges affiliates

Educational institutions which host part the YPLAN campaign activities and presentations are signatories of collaborative partnerships with the URBAN2020 Associatio. This partnership has numerous benefits for schools as:

  • Developing attractive extracurricular activities, which provide highschools exposure, visibility and  publicity;
  • Networking with a team with broad experience in developing public spaces with students involvement, developing over 10 interventions in public spaces or school/ high school’s courtyards;
  • Experience exchange with expert planners and Swiss students active in youth placemaking processes;
  • Students selected for the pilot group of 30 young people will have the opportunity to make a direct connection with the academics environment and professors from “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, working on projects and ideas with university students volunteers;
  • In the end, the YPLAN experience will be reflected in a book to be published both in Romania and in Switzerland.

Active Partnerships

„Ion Neculce” National College, Bucharest

  • Coordinator: Mihaela Ghițiu
  • Headmaster: Cătălina Olaru


 „Nicolae Iorga” Theoretical Highschool, Bucharest

  • Coordinator: Nicole Vițălariu
  • Headmaster: Gabriel-Stefan Ion


 „Sfântul Sava” National College

  • Coordinators:  Silvia Cristina Fulaș, Denis Radu, Bogdan Teodorescu
  • Headmaster: Gabriel-Stefan Ion
sigla sava


 „Gheorghe Lazăr” National College

  • Coordinator: Anemaria Cârlan
  • Headmaster: Victor-Ioan Nicolae


„George Coșbuc” National Bilingual College



„Cantemir Vodă” National College



 „Iulia Hașdeu” National College



 „I.N. Socolescu” Architecture and Public Works Technical College



 Goethe German College



 „Matei Basarab” National College



  „Mihai Viteazul” National College



 „Nicolae Tonitza” Arts College