YPLAN Project- Young Placemakers Initiative

YPLAN Project- Young Placemakers Initiative : Co-Designing Public Space is organized by the URBAN2020 Association in partnership with the Center of Excellence in Planning- “Ion Mincu” and Swiss partner IRAP Institut für Raumentwicklung (Institute for Spatial Development) – HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences).


  1. A project designed to involve high school students in revitalizing public spaces in Bucharest.
  2. A project designed to refurbish four public spaces in collaboration with high school students, community volunteers and local public administration experts.
  3. A project which brings the public space in the centre of an urban development.
  4. A project funded by the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme.

11. Involving high school students in revitalizing public space

Through 12 high-schools visits in Bucharest, the project team will inform the students about the role of public space in the city. Students will be encouraged and guided to involve in the process of revitalizing public space in Bucharest by:

  • mapping the potential to revitalize public spaces (Geoblog)
  • identification of problems or ideas for revitalizing public spaces (Geoblog and Forum)
  • participation in four urban walks (guided tours) and 6 workshops with the project team and young student volunteers (small group of 30 students)
  • achievement of four creative interventions in public space (small group of 30 students)



2. Revitalization of four public spaces

Based on the information obtained from Geoblog, forum discussions and negotiations with Bucharest Municipality (PMB) and district mayors, there will be elected 4 public spaces (in April) in order to be revitalized through creative interventions. To achieve greater impact, the four chosen areas will be linked under an umbrella concept ex. “Redefining slums” or “the other historic centre”. Urban walks, Geoblog information, forums and guided workshops by experts and student volunteers are the main resources for the ideas shaping the final intervention.

3. Restoring public space in the centre of an urban development

The purpose of the project is not only to inform and involve students in revitalization of four public spaces, but also starting a sectorial recovery and revitalization policy for public spaces undertaken by local government. To initiate this process, the project team will carry out a publication entitled “100 ideas for public spaces in Bucharest”, which will operate as an element of inspiration for authorities and a planning guide for civil society and citizens.


4. Project Financingswissro-centered-1-rgb

YPLAN project is co-funded by a grant Swiss (large grants scheme, Round 2) by Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme. Swiss Intermediate Body for managing the Thematic Fund for Civil Society Participation is represented by KEK-CDC consortium Consultants, Foundation for Civil Society Development and Partnership Foundation.

The project has a total cost of CHF 151,384.95 and the total amount of the grant is CHF 136,228.28. The project has a duration of 18 months, being conducted between May 1, 2015 and October 31, 2016.