Our Objectives

Our main objective is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable participatory planning and civil emancipation of Roumanian cities, through the transfer of best and innovative Swiss co-design practices to young high school students, through a process applied to regeneration of public space.

YPLAn obiective - before and afterWe want to generate long-term fundamental changes in how urban planning process is implemented in cities around the country, reducing the gap between the level of citizen involvement in the planning of Romania and the developed European countries, such as Switzerland.

Considering this purpose, we plan to start high school student involvement in activities of planning and urban redevelopment in Bucharest, to build an integrated contemporary, dynamic policy for public paces regeneration .Facilitating the young people access, in their years of training, to tools and concepts necessary for placemaking, offering them the opportunity to be involved in the design stage and to negotiate and implement their own projects, will contribute to a multilateral training of future generations.

Shortly, we want to encourage and promote the involvement of young talented students in local democracy and come from having simple ad hoc parking lots, small squares and undeveloped wastelands, to rejoice together valuable social spaces in the Romanian capital city. In the future, if this initiative has the success that we expect, we’ll expand YPLAN to other cities from the country.

 YPLAN project has three specific objectives:


In the first months of the project, we will focus on increasing awareness on urban planning and civic involvement and we’ll lead an information campaign in 12 high schools in Bucharest and in the online environment.

Where we campaigned, what schools we visited and the results of this process will be presented in our Campaign page on the Facebook Page  of the project  and on the YPLAN newsletters.

From December 2015 on, YPLAN team will organize interactive urban walks and Untitled-2workshops with a group of 30 students pre
viously selected. Our goal is to involve the most interested students and invested in our online community,especially from the targeted high schools, through an online application procedure.

The YPLAN Team aims to provide students a holistic experience and urban planning and design practice, through 4 sessions of urban walks (guided tours) and urban observations in Bucharest, which will be interactive discussions designed to stimulate attention, sense of observation, creativity and initiative of students, and building a knowledge base for planning. In addition, students will be involved in six thematic planning workshops, working in teams to design and redevelop a selected number of public spaces. The concepts and ideas resulting from this process will be shared openly and in real time through the online platform with the youth YPLAN community and via media channels. Everything we create will also be shared on the Placemaking page of this site.


Our goal is ambitious: we aim to develop, together with students, a sustainable re-design project called “A hundred ideas for public spaces in Bucharest” and advancing it to the Bucharest Municipality as a position paper for the absence of an urban coherent policy. The project will be an integrated approach to insufficient or incorrectly-used public spaces in Bucharest, which do not function at their intrinsic potential.

We will select a number of four redevelopment projects from students work, which aim “soft” interventions in urban areas (temporary interventions) and we implement them in cooperation with local community members and local administration.

Last but not least, our YPLAN experience final brochure will be an illustrated methodology for participatory design of public spaces through civic involvement of young people in Romania. It will also be promoted with projects implemented in the final conference and events such as  tours,  that we prepare for the presentation of the final results of the project.

Main activities:

Activitatile proiectului