Project Partners

URBAN2020 Association – Project CoordinatorBucharest-Pop-up-Urban2020-2

Our creative projects seek to contribute to more attractive cities, restoring community in the public space and encouraging social interaction. Urban2020 is the concept umbrella under which a group
of friends work together to create an impact and bring color into others lives.

We want cities thought for people, which have something to offer to each category of users and where community members are involved in decision-making processes, where there are tools for citizen participation and public space is a major concern for both the authorities and the population.

Public space provides a communication and community strengthen platform, while creative and cultural interventions stimulate the citizens imagination, on one hand, and stimulates social interactions, on the other hand, laying the foundations for long-lasting involvement of community members in the process urban develo

The services we provide are advocacy, research, consultation, education, and creative interventions for public spaces.

Main activities:

Research in the field of public spaces (ex. Community-oriented urban revitalization / Community- oriented urban rehabilitation)

Urban interventions in public spaces (ex. Bucharest Pop-up)

Education: Urban walks (guided tours)  with students or researchers interested in various articles and blog posts of the association (

Other projects:

2011 – Community-oriented urban revitalization

2012 – Bucharest Pop-u

2013 – Viva East: digital identity and resource mapping for the micro-region “Hartibaciului Valley ”

CEP (Center of Excellence in Planning)

Center of Excellence in Planning (CEP) is a private non-profit organization that supports “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) in its teaching and research international activities.CEP-foto-1

CEP aims are to promote excellence in urban planning, acting as a regional hub for Eastern Europe, to develop cooperation relationships in urban planning and real estate with Western Europe and the US, to provide advanced educational programs in planning and real estate in the region and, not least, to support and educate a young generation of urban planners and researchers. CEP is composed of top urban planners from Romania, researchers responsible for three of its programs: education, research and publishing. The organization began its educational activity in June 2013 by launching ASURED (“The International Postgraduate Program of Advanced Studies in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development “), one of the few programs worldwide that offers this combination of housing and urban development. ASURED brings together a team of recognized professionals in order to provide high quality education (the program is also to be accredited by RICS).

CEP has recently developed a new department called the urban design laboratory (UDL), that will be most active in urban design through participation in design competitions and various projects, such as the initiative for the Flagship project ” Bucharest  Central Station”.


IRAP Institute for Spatial Development is a research unit at the University of Applied Sciences HSR (Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil). HSR itself is a member of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (FHO), one of the seven technical universities in Switzerland.


IRAP was established in 2000 for applied science and research in various fields of spa
tial planning. In this regard, IRAP cultivates an intensive exchange with lecturers of the Spatial Planning Department.

IRAP is represented by an interdisciplinary team of six teachers and ten additional members, being  specialized in the disciplines of Architecture, Geography, Cultural Engineering, Urban Planning and Transport Planning. This allows researchers from IRAP the possibility of running a comprehensive analysis on complex tasks such as urban areas and geospatial information in spatial/ territorial planning.

Within YPLAN, IRAP brings on the one hand,  the experience of urban spaces planning , and on the other hand, technical knowledge regarding Geographical Information Systems (GIS), in order to develop innovative solutions for interactive geographic mapping of urban spaces. The Faculty will be responsible for the transfer of Swiss knowledge and best practices  to Romanian partners and students from the pilot group.